DATE : 22-06-2018
Your banner will be rotated within the grid with either 4 slots in the top area (this is the only grid also displayed on ALL sites), 8 slots in the 4L Grid just below the top grid, 12 slots in the 6L Grid or 16 slots in the bottom grid.
!! ONLY 468x69 BANNERS !!

Slots available: Yes
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1. Your ad(s) must comply with the terms of the website(s) they're advertised on.
2. I am not a company. This is my private home page where I send as much traffic as I can. Traffic sources are based on my personal experience and may change at any time.
3. I cannot guarantee nor assure that you would receive any referrals or sales. This depends entirely on saturation or attractiveness of the advertised product.
4. For traffic statistic of this site please see site statistics here!
4. I reserve the right to deny any advert that we do not see fit to be displayed, including but not limited to: adult/warez/illegal content.
5. Once your slot goes live, it cannot be paused nor stopped.
6. The traffic I provide is sourced from popular high-traffic sites (incentive traffic), from where I purchase in large quantities and then resell it to our advertisers.
7. Payments are accepted from verified accounts only.
8. All payments are non-refundable.
9. All orders are aproved manually! This may take up to 48 hours!
10. Number of slots are limited in each grid and booking new slots may become not available at any time. First come, first served principle.
11. All banners within a grid are displayed in sequential order. If a grid is not fully booked your banner may be viewed several times within this grid.
12. 'Top Banner Grid' is displayed on all sites. All other grids are only displayed on the main page.